Big Trees California Winterim

Day 3

Well, saying that the day was "wet" doesn't do it justice. So, with a bomb cyclone barreling down on San Francisco, we headed out to the Muir Woods National Monument to see and hike among the giant Coastal Redwoods. Mists, fog, and rain mixed with the greens of the forest and the sounds of the stream below as we navigated the eerie calmness of the "Cathedral of Trees."  Although damp and muddy, we were prepared!
From there, it was off to San Francisco to the Boudin Bakery for lunch and to ride the cable cars. The afternoon was capped with what can only be described as the wettest and windiest bridge walk ever — a lesson in low-pressure zones and constricted airflow. Then, with gusts approaching 50mph and sustained winds of 40mph, undaunted, we cheerily headed out into the horizontal driving rain to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge span. An adventure that few will forget and proves that rain jackets and pants do work (props to Patagonia, who were roundly decided to be the best pick).
The day was wrapped up with a delicious meal at Scoma's — Dungeness crab, scallops, wagyu steak, shrimp, oysters, and clams, the sea's riches were enjoyed by all, and warmed us up.
Tomorrow we leave San Francisco and head for the hills of the Sierra Nevada.

Click here to watch the storm!