MS Food: An Omnivorous Adventure

We're two days in, and we've had quite a few adventures. Day 1 was spent milking cows and making butter at Light Root Farm in Boulder. We met many a friendly chicken as well, and despite their best efforts, the middle schoolers did not convince Ms. Rako and Ms. Cunningham to bring them back to the Dawson campus.

Day 2 was spent at CSU's School of Animal Sciences. It was quite the start of our day when we rounded a corner and were introduced to Temple Grandin! She wished us luck as we headed into the cold rooms and learned about cutting down and humanely processing meat. Next, the students were put to work making sausage from scratch. They weighed the meat, ground it, spiced it, put it in casings, cut it, and finally grilled it for snacks. It was quite the endeavor.