Sports Science for All Abilities Winterim

Day 5 (March 21)

We started the day by discussing concussion management with Sherrie Ballantine-Talmadge, a doctor of osteopathic medicine at CU's Sports Medicine & Performance Center. Her core message was that concussions are injuries whose primary symptoms are functional impairments. Despite the standard letters, concussions can be effectively treated through physical and movement therapy so an athlete can return to school and play. After lunch at 29th Street Mall, we headed to Shaolin Hung Mei kung-fu academy to work with Master Howie Solow. As Master Solow trained us in some simple punching, blocking, and kicking techniques, he explained the rationale for each method, both from the perspectives of biomechanics and traditional Chinese thought. Before we departed, he also showed us his students' tools and techniques to build strength, pain control, and automaticity of movement.