Britain Winterim

Busy day today for us! We left Edinburgh early to go to Lindisfarne, otherwise known as the Holy Isle. This is one of the most important sites relating to the Christianization of what is now England. The first priory was established there in the 7th Century. That was sacked by the Vikings in their first recorded raid of England. The ruins in this picture are from the 12th century. 
It was a short drive from there to Bamburg Castle, the ancient seat of the kings of Northumbria. The castle sits on the coast of the North Sea and is still inhabited. There we saw weapons used by the soldiers of that castle in battles that took place 900 years ago. The wind was so strong that it nearly knocked us over.
The last part of the day was spent at Vindolanda, a large Roman fort near Hexam, and at Hadrian’s Wall, where we were able to hike along the wall just before sunset. That was the favorite part of the day for the students, who loved running along the wall in the stunning scenery. I think it was Leehman who said he felt like he was running through a screensaver.