Sailing The Sound Winterim

Day 3 on the sound was incredible!

We started the day with a delicious granola, yogurt, and jam breakfast. After completing the usual morning chores, we learned a new sea shanty while we set sail! Lunch was a hearty lentil soup and homemade sourdough bread that hit the spot after a chilly morning. In the afternoon, we participated in some challenge-by-choice activities— sitting in the bow net, taking the rowboat (A-ya-shé) out for a spin, and—most excitedly— climbing up to the top of the mast via a rickety ladder! Many students reached the top— a nerve-wracking 60 feet above deck. Don’t worry; everyone wore harnesses and completed multiple safety checks before venturing up! After our activities, we ate a fabulous stir fry for dinner and then rolled into an evening meeting, where we learned about the history of the Washington state ferry network! Fascinating!

To top off our wonderful day of adventure, some of us got to experience the rare beauty of the Northern Lights during Night Watch. Many crew members who have been on the Adventures for over a decade had never seen the Northern Lights before, so we felt fortunate to witness them. We hope to get another sighting tonight— stay tuned!