Face Your Fears Winterim 3/23

The culmination of Face Your Fears is always a trip to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, a stay that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.
Before leaving for the hotel, we got to meet with psychological thriller writer Carter Wilson, who spoke with us about the trials and tribulations of becoming a successful author and gave everyone lots of tips for writing short stories in this genre. 
We also watched the TV mini-series version of The Shining that was actually filmed at the Stanley (unlike the more well-known Stanley Kubrick-directed film, which was not) to get us ready for the trip to Estes.
After an amazing dinner of Italian food at Dunraven at the beautiful Estes Park resort, we were then ready for the Stanley Night Tour, which did not disappoint! Mrs. Lopez took a picture towards the end of the tour that we are all pretty spooked by--you can decide for yourself what you think is going on in it!